School-based intervention

I also bring the inspiring universe of sophrology into school environments, where children’s emotional well-being is placed at the heart of learning. As a dedicated sophrologist, I am honored to share with you the benefits of integrating sophrology into students’ daily lives, fostering an environment conducive to personal and social development.


Integrating sophrology into school environments is of great importance in modern society. By providing students with concrete tools to manage stress, emotions, and promote kindness, sophrology offers valuable support that transcends the simple educational framework. This holistic approach not only contributes to students’ psychophysical balance but also to the creation of an environment conducive to learning and personal development. By nurturing students’ emotional well-being, sophrology becomes a valuable ally in building a balanced and fulfilled generation. Do you know schools interested in this experience ? Contact me directly by phone or via the online form.


In this activity, intervention in school settings unfolds in two essential dimensions : extracurricular and classroom. In extracurricular settings, with small groups of children, the approach is playful and empathetic, tailored to the behavior of the youngest.

Intervention in the classroom, in collaboration with the teacher, aims to address crucial themes such as bullying, emotion management, and the promotion of kindness during recess.

Playful tools, such as toys like a stress relief ball or talking sticks, are provided to facilitate exercises. For middle and high schools, sessions are adapted to work on aspects such as self-confidence, body awareness, sensory use, and observation of breathing, including dynamic exercises. This approach encourages reflection and awareness of their feelings, thus reinforcing the connection between physical and emotional dimensions.