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Welcome to the dedicated space for personal development. As an experienced sophrologist, I commit to guiding you in your quest for serenity and inner harmony. My sophrology sessions at home in Cannes are a valuable ally in rediscovering balance and promoting relaxation.


Discover the benefits of sophrology, a discipline that combines bodily relaxation, conscious breathing, and positive visualization. By exploring sophrological techniques together, you will learn to develop increased awareness of your body and mind. These individual sessions, tailored to your specific needs, will guide you towards lasting well-being.

Sophrology offers a privileged path towards a fulfilling life by promoting stress management, improving sleep, and concentration. Through simple and accessible techniques, you will discover how sophrology can contribute to strengthening your emotional balance and developing a positive attitude in daily life.

Individual sessions
Keep calm …
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As a sophrologist, I passionately intervene in educational and medical environments, offering sessions tailored to the specific needs of each context. In schools, sophrology becomes a valuable tool to help students manage exam stress, improve concentration, and boost self-confidence.

In medical settings, it provides compassionate support to patients, fostering both physical and emotional recovery.

Take the time to care for yourself and discover the numerous benefits of sophrology at home.

I look forward to accompanying you on the path to well-being and personal fulfillment. Contact me to learn more about my sophrology sessions at home in Cannes and to discuss your needs.

School-based intervention
hospital intervention
“Unlock your mental barriers to regain a state of well-being and all your potential.”
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